WTF does she know? (Insert wide-eyed emoji here)

SO here’s the deal….
I have spun this blog inside my head for quite some time now, I have researched and data collected, and planned, and re-planned how I thought this would all go down. As I sit here writing this, I’m spiraling self-doubt in my head as to why anyone will actually ever read this, and you know what? Maybe they won’t but I’m going to do it anyway because it’s a bit of an ongoing theme in my life so why quit now while I’m ahead…..


Welcome to She’s Hungry!
I am way beyond excited about this endeavor because…. drum. roll. please…..
It’s probably the one phrase that literally encompasses everything you’d ever need to know about this journey I’m on and well… me.

I’m always craving more knowledge, asking more questions, and diving down the next rabbit hole on whatever I’m super curious about in life at the moment. I have this die hard philosophy that I’m going to go where the wind blows me and embrace it to the best of my ability every step of the way. My gut is my ever guiding force and it hasn’t steered me wrong yet. The reason I’m starting the blog is because I have this tiny little notion that I’m also not alone in this and that collectively, since we can’t be everywhere and do all the things that life has to offer that if we could have a place that was safe for people to share experience, learn, and grow together that that would be effing awesome. Following our hunger for life, one curiosity at a time, together. Sounds sweet right? Duhhhhh.
Sometimes I just think we forget how many possibilities each day has to offer and I’m making it my personal superpower to remind all of us as often as possible about how powerful we all really are in the opportunities we have every day. One day at a time, moving in the direction of your intuition and I believe that will shape you a life of a true beautiful masterpiece.
I mean come on, it’s only natural that we get sucked into the routine of existing and forget that HEY, we only get one go around at this. Unless you believe in the whole reincarnation thing, and if you do, power to ya and please envision me as a unicorn in the next life with an iced latte in hand somehow…. Please and thank you 🙂
Anyway, since moving to Oregon it’s been this constant spinning wheel of people asking me what I’m doing, how I’m doing it, what’s next, etc. etc and I’m always so damn excited to talk about all the fun things I churn inside my brain that I decided why the heck not to start a new blog about all of it. Thennnnn I can not only get my thoughts about all the crazy (cough cough) I mean….brilliant ideas and adventures I have but you can share some of the recommendations you have for exciting things for me to see and do and eat and drink and then I can write about them on here for us all to share and experience and maybe just inspire each other to ya know…. follow your own hunger if ya feel me. And I don’t just mean for the sweet new taco stand that just went in down the street, but hey girl, who doesn’t love some bomb ass carne asada. (insert hand raising emoji here) I’ll meet ya there, margarita flask in hand…. Did I just say that?
It’s a platform for us all to share our enticing curiosity about wanting more out of life and I know you’re on board with that.
So… the blog will highlight all the things I’m excited to share with all of you likeeeee:

Food photos, a lot of them.
Drink photos, equal… if not more of them.
Tips on taking badass food photos, and my ever revolving workflow on I get a cohesive style.
Definitely some things on exploring the PNW, in case you’ve never been… you need to make it a priority on your bucket list because it’s absolutely stunning out here. The air feels at home in your lungs like it’s the first breath you’ve ever taken and if you love to hike or camp… well what are you waiting for!
I’ll probably talk a bit about what I’m eating on the reg and what I’m doing to not gain 50 pounds, or funny memes on how I wish I was as active as I would like to be. Many people have DMed me on my Instagram, @shes_hungry, about how this all goes down because I eat like an obese cow according to all my photos but that’s not how it is alllll the time. Balance babes, balance. And squats, who am I kidding.
And I’ll probably get into some self-care, mental wellness too. I make this a preeettttty high priority in my life because if I’m not happy…. trust me, you ain’t either.
I truly don’t think there is anything that has helped me more than developing an awareness about myself this last year, and my new extensive knowledge on Oregon wine…that definitely helped too. My self-care routine and healthy boundaries are EVERYTHING, and let’s be honest… it’s ever changing because I’m ever growing and so it requires frequent check-ins and we will get more into that later but I’M SO EXCITED to share all the fun insight I’ve gained with all of you!
Lastly, it will be about what I’ve truly been learning, ya know…some of the, not so light and fluffy topics. I have to keep it real for all of you. It would be doing a disservice if I only shared how awesome everything is like 50% of the time (if that.) The good, the bad, the ugly. I know that I don’t have 50 years experience under my belt but I do feel like I’ve gone around the block a few times and if anything I have learned can help, support, or guide someone in their journey… that’s all the motivation I need to share. I don’t have all the answers, not even most of them but I am an expert on what I’ve accomplished in life thus far from my perspective and collectively, with more perspectives we can learn a whole lot more about a lot more things… even things we think we’ve learned all we need to know about and I think that’s just a fucking fantastic reason to do this all in itself. So let’s get to it.
But let me also be honest here… I may talk about all of this in length, I may talk about some way more than others…. all I know are my intentions and that’s just what I’m going with right now. Bare with me.
I truly hope you all get as much value from reading as I do with sharing and I can not begin to tell you how excited I am to hear about all your adventures and insights as well!
This is going to be so. much. fun!
Now go on with ya bad self, and come back soon!
Cait Xo
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(Photo taken by: Lauren Odderstol)



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Maria says:

    Love your energy girl, glad you decided to go through with this. Miss our chats and our workouts. Look forward to reading more! Glad you are doing well! Xoxo


    1. Cait Pearson says:

      You’re the best !! I miss you too and thanks so much for reading 🙂 I’ll be home December 20th til the 29th !!


  2. Nancy Pearson says:

    Live you lots, keep safe….

    Liked by 1 person

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