I Know What You’re Thinking….

You’re thinking… “EEEKKKK! It’s Tuesday, and it’s Cait’s SECOND BLOG POST! This must mean FOOD PICTURES !!!”

Wonk wonk. Don’t mean to disappoint lovelies but here’s the deal. I did want to post about food this week, and I absolutely promise you that next week will, in fact, have food pictures and be super duper fun but this week…. I needed one more week to talk about a few more things that have been taking up a lot of space in my brain, and making my heart heavier to carry around these last few weeks.

Let’s just lay out all the cards, okay?

Texas, Florida, The Caribbean, The Columbia River Gorge, Mexico…. and that’s just to name a few. This is what I need to say….

We are not new to destruction, not to fear, and not to heartache.

We are not new to pain, and we are certainly not new to the rebuilding that will be in the years to come for these places….

This is a lot of hard things to overcome lately. I listen and read and watch, and tremble every night for all those directly affected by what is happening right now. I can not begin to imagine what you all are going through. My heart is with you all. It’s going to be bad, and more than likely it’s going to get worse before it gets better but it will get better and you are not alone. 

People have lost a lot of things they have worked their whole lives to have, some may lose their lives, and it’s going to push us all to the breaking point, but what I know to be very true about people… especially together… is that we will not break. The resilience of the human spirit is truly remarkable when put to the test. We will not be broken, and we will not let the fear keep us from showing up for each other.

People will help. People will fight to save others. People already have and will continue to risk their lives left and right for strangers. People have been and will continue to be extra gentle with the children, the elderly, and the animals. We will feed each other, and shelter each other, we will cry and pray together. We will all put aside politics and pride, and continue to step into our trueness. The most resilient and authentic roles we play as humans. You’ll see, and you’ll see love everywhere in this. This will all get bad, but there will be good too because no matter how deafeningly loud the fear and pain gets, love always wins. Just a little reminder to us all in these ever challenging time, we are in this together. We will keep the lights on, and we will get you home.

I also can not begin to describe the feelings of all of us in the Pacific NorthWest these last few weeks but I think our culture is collectively like the forest itself, it is powerful and it will not be destroyed, it will grow from the ash and return more beautiful than before.

I have a favorite quote as of late, “The trees know about the winter, about the change, about the falling, about the loss, and they grow still and grow back anyway.”

I can’t wait to help rebuild of beautiful forest in the months to come. Maybe, just maybe, what we needed right now is a little togetherness. In these last few months, it would make sense. It’s a shame that it has to come at a cost like this, but maybe this time we can learn and hold on to what it’s teaching us a little longer because things will come and things will go but we all belong to each other.


p.s. if you want to donate to the Hurricane releif these are my favorite places to do it.

Together Rising. << badass people changing the world

Hand in Hand  << Just read, you’re welcome.



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