Let’s Talk Tacosssss, It is Tuesday After All

So naturally,

I decided to launch a new post of my blog every Tuesday because it’s my favorite day of the week. Why? Because tacos. Because tequila. Because let’s be real here. If they (whoever they is) didn’t magically decide that the most awful day of the week and tacos needed to be a related thing…how would we really get through it?

Let me explain. Monday, we all complain about because the weekend is over but at least we try and make the best of our Sunday because of it, taking it’s glory all in, fully knowing that the treacherous Monday is right around the corner. But Tuesday? No, it’s not half way through the week #HumpDay yet, it’s Tuesday. The dreaded, “we barely made it through Monday without killing anyone or drinking my weight times two in coffee or wine, or like me… both” but now we have to endure what feels like a second Monday. >>Insert spotlights and confetti and unicorns and sparkles here <<

TightTacos_01So what did we do about it?  We, as the great American (someone correct me if we didn’t come up with this but this feels like a thing we, as a culture, would make up) culture came up with Taco Tuesday, or Tequila Tuesday… or again, both. It’s brilliant and it gives us a bit of a congratulatory “Way to get through your Monday like a champ” celebration and if you don’t like tacos… please leave.

In celebration of this wonderful weekly holiday, I am making it a thing to celebrate a new place to get tacos on a bi-weekly (at-least for now) basis. This week’s feature is this fucking incredible little taco truck out on Ceasar E Chavez Blvd pretty much right where it insects Belmont, on the right. Google it but you HAVE to go.

They have street parking and plenty of it, and they now have a new canopy that covers the tables for when our lovely rainy season starts here in good ol Oregon.

So the menu throws down like this:

Asada, Carnitas, Al Pastor, False Pastor (vegetarian), Chorizo with Oaxacan Cheese, and a Kid’s Taco. They usually have an equally scrumptious special going on too. Plus all tacos are topped with Cilantro, Onion, and Lime anddddddd in the spirit of Portland all tortillas are gluten-free, not to mention homemade. And let me tell you what, they are BOMBBBB 💣 !

I was pretty hungover and famished at this point in the day, so I ordered 5 tacos. 3 Asada and 2 Chorizo. I went over to the salsa area and collected my green (not spicy) and red (way spicy) sauces plus they had a cute water station with dixie cups for water. I made my way over to a picnic table which is right next to the truck window where you can smell the wafting goodness floating in the wind to your nostrils making you drool and your stomach growl more than it already is. You can see them chopping up the meat, and preparing each and every order with love.

When I was there it was the owners cooking behind the scenes and their little TightTacos_03munchkins runny around and giving their babysitters a run for their money. All in good fun the kids are adorable and who doesn’t love a tight knit family business.

I pretty much inhaled my tacos, they were juicy and flavorful and I had juice running down my hand. The cilantro was fresh and the zing from the lime juice really set the whole thing off. I’m a lime addict on my tacos so I squeezed some extra on and couldn’t get them in my face hole fast enough. The sauces were great too but the flavor and juiciness of the tacos on their own was enough. Just talking about this right now makes me wish they didn’t close in a half an hour ☹️ and damn that Portland traffic.

They also have a variety of refreshments, I don’t drink soda so I stuck to water but they have a variety of the Jarritos, in addition to some other drinks. Definitely think it’s an absolute must for a Taco Tuesday staple. The quality was seriously off the charts and the prices are insane at $3 a taco. Do I really need to say anymore? Enjoy the photos, they speak for themselves and I’m going to get off this piece of machinery to go chow down on my next fun Portland taco find. Until next time loveyssss.

OH, and if you’re sitting here thinking… Cait, you mentioned tequila in the beginning of this and never once again… so unlike you…, what about the booze? Look, the food trucks don’t have booze but you’re in Portland… head to Tight Tacos, and make it into an adventure. Go down to Aalto Lounge and grab a drink after and you won’t regret it. 😉☺️

Xo Cait


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